Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 Things I Want to Do When I am 30 (Personal Musings)

Dear Readers
Today I want to post some personal musings I have been having.  Because of this I will not be posting this post to facebook, as I sometimes do to have more people look at my art.  But just you my wonderful blogger readers will get to read this one.

Some of these musings have been occurring because I am going to be 30 soon, but I decided that instead of thinking about that birthday negatively, I want to think about it positively.  To that end I wrote up a "30 Things I Want to Do When I Am 30" List.  It made me feel very excited about this upcoming year!

Other of my musings come about just from the nature of being a completely unknown artist.  Over the summer I did a lot of thinking about why I make art, even when nothing happens and nothing gets sold.  I came to the conclusion that I want to always keep on making art, even if I only ever sell one painting, like my hero Van Gogh. This page has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while, but I thought it would be good to put in my personal musings post.

Thanks for listening, my friends.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drawing Challenge Days 20-27

Dear Readers,
Well, I told myself that I am not allowed to go outside and play on this beautiful Saturday until I have sat at my computer and blogged!  Not that blogging is a chore, but my drawings have been piling up and I've been running around working my new job, so there you have it. 

 I've been very inspired by what I've seen on other blogs lately, in particular artsyville wrote a post about taking an art retreat-this is something I definitely want to do!  Let me know what you think readers- maybe we can make this happen.  What do we think- mountains or ocean?

Either way I am finishing up my 30 day drawing challenge (it took 60, but hey, my rules were weak.) Come back tomorrow for the last 3!
Day 20-
One of my new favorites!

Day 21
 Day 22

 Day 23-
A quote I find very profound given my current obsession with flowers.
 Day 24- 
My Favorite Coloring page

 Day 25-
A marker doodle

 Day 26-
"Pirate Pig is NOT Amused"
No idea and I love it!

Day 27- 
An unfinished ink drawing

Monday, September 3, 2012

Coloring Pages (Drawing Challenge Days 15-19)

Dear Readers,
Happy Labor Day!  Have you gone back to school too?  These past two weeks have been full of teacher meetings, first days of school, and meeting all of my new students.  So far, I LOVE my new job!  Everyone has been wonderful to me and the kids have been working hard.  But my blogging and drawing have slowed down, because I am concentrating on making this the best school year I can.  The drawings I have today are what I call 'coloring pages' because I doodle the images and then go back later with colored pencil or paint and fill them in.  I find it so relaxing!  If anyone wants some coloring pages, email me and I will happily send you some!  

Day 15
Day 16 (my favorite)
Day 17 (needs work)
Day 18

Now I'm off to spend the rest of the morning coloring in my coloring pages!