Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Housebound, Day 2

Dear Readers,
Well, Hurricane Sandy was a rough one- my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the storm.  Where I was was not hit very hard- power lines down and some flooded cars.  We were able to go out in the afternoon today- and back to work tomorrow!  So before I head off to the real world tomorrow, I thought I would leave you with a few works in progress.

These first two are hand-painted cards that I hope to sell soon.
This is a work in progress- a canvas using acrylic- I am so excited to see it finished!

Hope everyone is well and safe tonight.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Housebound, Day 1

Dear Readers,
Well, if you are anywhere on the East Coast, you are in the same boat as I am-sitting in your house, waiting out the storm.  So far, we have not lost power, but I feel as if that is coming within the next hour or so.  So I thought  I would put up a blog post, since I spent much of today painting.  (The rest of today I was trying to figure out a soy mocha, not as successful.)

Lately I have started experimenting with backgrounds, simple ones like clouds.  I like it a lot, I think it adds something to the art.  I know it is not "purist" botanical illustration, but with one eye on hopefully having a show this summer, I am trying to make my art more sell-able. Let me know what you think... and stay safe out there today!

My view of the hurricane!