Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adventures in a Gallery!

Dear Readers,
Yesterday something very exciting happened.  I put 6 of my botanical illustrations on display in a gallery in Annapolis!
  The gallery is called Art FX :

I am very excited about this development and I hope that I can be putting more artworks up for sale soon!

Here are some of my paintings:

I hope that you like them!  If you're ever in Annapolis stop into Art FX and check them out!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog!  Here I will write about the adventures, excitement, and perhaps even a few trials that I am going through as I work at creating illustrations! 
Let me tell you a bit about myself- I have a degree in fine arts and I am a 7th year art teacher.  I love what I do but I still long to someday earn my living by painting.  I am starting this blog to keep tabs on my art, and to tell you what I'm creating and where it is being sold. I would also love some feedback, advice, and critiques from you my dear readers! 

Come again soon to see my post about some of my flower illustrations going into a gallery!