Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teacher's Week! (Drawing Challenge Days 12-14)

Dear Readers,
Yesterday was my first day at my new job, and already, I love this place.  One of the first things they did when they got all of the newly-hired art teachers in one room, was hand us a beautiful new sketchbook.  To keep.  Just to draw in and inspire us!  If any of you know how teaching works, this is not usually what happens.  
My beautiful new sketchbook!  

So I have decided to use my new sketchbook to keep at work (or in my car) and to doodle/draw inspirations in when I have time during the day.  And I've already started! 
I don't know what side of the fence you are on in the "doodle during lectures" debate, but I am a copious doodler.  But, in my defense, I also take pages of notes at the same time! (A technique perfected in college)  During teacher week, I have been attending lots of meetings and using my sketchbook at the same time.  Are you a doodler? I'd love to see some doodles!

Day 12- A Klimt inspired doodle

Day 13

Day 14- My favorite doodle so far- a Celtic Doodle!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drawing Challenge Days 10 and 11

Dear Readers,
 Two more drawings today, as well as a BEAUTIFUL painting from Annie. Working on scanning in my art, so still adjusting fonts and colors. 
Thanks for reading! 
Day 10- A quote I've been thinking about a lot lately!

Annie's Amazing Day 10!

Day 11- Definitely needs more color! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Musings (Drawing Challenge Days 8 and 9)

Dear Readers,
As summer ends and I start getting myself mentally prepared for school, looking back this was a summer about being grateful and enjoying the little things.  I am grateful for having a new job, first of all.  After breaking my toe early in the summer, I am grateful for the ability to walk (and my patient husband).  I am grateful for friends who draw with me- now I have two (Sarah and Annie!) joining my drawing challenge.  It was a wonderful summer, full of drawing adventures to different places.  Yesterday I went on a drawing adventure to a place called Patuxent Ponds, where I bothered the fisherman jumping around trying to get my drawing. (The things we do for art!)  Check out the drawings and let me know how your summer has gone!

Day 8- Will paint for a later day!

Sarah's Day 8! 

Annie's Day 8

Day 9- Also to be painted

Annie's Day 9

Annie's Day 7

Thank you for checking in with us! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drawing Challenge! Days 2-7

Dear Readers,
Well, its been a week of my drawing challenge and I've been doing good with the drawing, but not so good with the blogging about it.  I had a wonderful weekend visit from my sister, niece and nephews, and we had a blast! But between trips to the park and sleeping bag races down the stairs, there wasn't much time to blog!
Also, I have a friend joining me for the drawing challenge!  She has graciously sent me pictures to put on my blog.  Her style is very different from mine, and wonderful.  Let me know if you want to join us!

Day 2

Annie's Day 2!
Day 3

Annie's Day 3

Day 4- Something a little different

Day 5- Color!

Day 6- A work in progress

Day 7-
I read this at the B&B we stayed at in St. Michaels MD, and I've wanted to illustrate it for a while now.  

Let me know what you think so far!  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Dear Readers,
Happy August!  With 2 weeks left of summer, I have decided to have an incentive to draw more.  I have seen a lot of blogs talk about the 30 Day Drawing Challenge.  I have thought about doing this, but to be honest I'm not very good at drawing on command. So I'm going to change the rules.  Why not?  So here goes:
My 30 Day Drawing Challenge Rules:
1.  I will do a drawing, any drawing, every day for 30 days.
2.  I will post them on the blog in order, but not necessarily every day.

That's it.  2 rules.  Anyone want to join me?...... Crickets?....  Let me know if you decide to draw with me, and link back to my site! 
Ok. Here Goes.

  Day 1: Chinese Hibiscus-from my trip to the Botanical Gardens in D.C.

I hope you decide to join me-
Thanks for reading, either way!
P.s.  Do you like the new look of the blog?