Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a difference color makes!

Dear Readers,
 Spring is here!  And with the beautiful days outside, it has been hard to draw inside lately!  But this past Wednesday, I took my lunch hour outside on a picnic bench, and I was amazed how much art I got done.   Hopefully I can keep this up.  And on Friday, my dear art friend A and I sat and shared our sketchbooks with each other.  Hers is so beautiful, I am humbled by it!  She is doing portraits of people she knows.   She drew me wearing a Renaissance dress. (Is anyone surprised? ) :) She is going to scan it when she is finished, and I'll post it here.  In terms of my own sketchbook, I have been adding watercolor to my sketches. And what a difference it makes!  The pictures really pop.  I had one person comment (love you Mom!) that it was really hard to see the pencil drawings I posted last time.  And she was right.  Hopefully this way you can see these better.
 Here are the first two pages again, this time with color.

What do you think?  I will post more as I finish them....

My question for today (and I welcome facebook comments as well) is :
How do I create my own header for the blog?  I want to incorporate my own drawings into my logo and header, but I don't have the blogging expertise to do that.  Any advice??  Thanks!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Owl embarks!

Dear Readers,
 Two weeks ago I first showed you the beginning of my sketchbook.  I had a lot of people ask me what the story was all about, and I want to share some of that with you today.  For copyright reasons (and to keep it a surprise!) I can't tell you the whole story, but I will be sharing parts as I sketch away. So to begin.

 Basically, my story is a fable about an owl who sets out to find out what makes everyone laugh.  He has various misadventures along the way, and keeps a running list. (Probably one of my favorite things to draw so far has been an owl holding a list!) 

So far I am about halfway done with the sketches.  I discovered on the first painting that the paper is very thin, so I am going to wait to paint until the end.  Today I want to share with you the first two sets of pages. 

 What do you think so far???

After my question of last week, I have decided to hand write the words.  I also wanted to note that if you want to make a comment but can't because you're not a blogger, you could always comment on the facebook post I always put up about the blog.  I really REALLY want feedback!  I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday!  :)